AurumRed is the product we all desire from a fine wine. Every winemaker dreams of achieving such a wine. The effort, full dedication, and a lot of love result in great satisfaction.

Aurum Red has been aged in carefully selected high-quality oak and has absorbed all the feelings of love for 24 months.

Aurum Red is the nectar of the Gods turned into wine. It conveys the moment of excitement for those who enjoy it, transferring the essence of love, happiness, and friendship.

These universal concepts are instilled in the wine from its cultivation, production, and aging, and they are reflected in the glass at the end.


Wine reflects its surroundings, and in a uniquely stimulating environment in the cellar, it nurtures the right information in each bottle.

Aurum Red is like a child who has been taught for years to receive the best education. When this wine enters the market, it has been shaped in many ways that make it distinct and unique.

In the cellar, the care of the wine is very rigorous, and the entry of contaminants and bacteria is tightly controlled, limiting the aging area to just one person.

These concepts have been transferred to the wine through a unique and revolutionary method invented by the creator of AurumRed, signing each bottle in gold, ensuring the wine’s originality and the entire process.


To make this dream possible, we utilize a unique selection of vineyards in the finest terroir in the world for wines. The combination of the best lands, top-notch plants, meticulous care, and unique development allows us to relish the exclusive AurumRed.

The vineyards are tended to in a special and natural way, devoid of any chemicals. The quantity of grapes per vine is very low and carefully chosen.

Our lands and wineries are situated in the heart of La Mancha, where our exceptional wines are produced.


2,000 years before

In Egypt, Greece, and Rome, worship was directed towards Dionysus or Bacchus (the god of vineyards), and in the Bible, there is mention of Jesus’ Last Supper, symbolizing his blood with wine. It’s known that in Egypt, as early as the 4th century BC, they were familiar with viticulture.

Julius Caesar was a great wine enthusiast and introduced it throughout the Roman Empire, including Spain.

In Spain, it was the Romans who planted the first vineyards, and their care was largely entrusted to the clergy, as the demand for communion in the Church was significant.

800 years before

The expansion of wine production in La Mancha dates back to the 12th century during the Reconquista. During the 16th and 17th centuries, the wines from this region supplied the King due to its proximity to Madrid, and mentions of La Mancha wine are frequent in the most universally renowned book written in the Spanish language, Don Quixote of La Mancha.

Less than 100 Years

Our ancestors, the grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-grandmothers, worked diligently in the vineyards and improved the quality through effort and experience to obtain the finest grapes and the best wines.

All the work in those days was done manually,
and through tremendous effort,
the finest wines were extracted.


Phylloxera originated in the eastern United States and caused a serious wine crisis in Europe starting from 1863. It took more than 30 years to overcome the plague, thanks to rootstocks of American origin that were naturally resistant to phylloxera. Since this system was adopted, this pest has become a minor problem.

Today, all vineyards worldwide, except for some in Spain and those planted in sandy soils, are grafted in this manner.

Our Gold series is evidence of over 125 years of history because they did not suffer from this pest and are native and unique plants, which make this wine exceptional.

Year 1980

In those times, our grandparents made wine in a highly artisanal manner, producing excellent wines using grapes from a very special and high-quality region. However, wine sales were primarily domestic.


Wine was sold in containers called “arrobas,” with a capacity of 16 liters.


Wine Cellar 1950

Year 2009

Mr. Hilario García, in his role as a medical researcher, discovers significant life concepts to eliminate challenging pathologies that are difficult to cure today. These discoveries are applied in his clinics, and he begins to teach his knowledge to doctors with resounding success.


Having demonstrated their effectiveness in the medical field, these remarkable 100% natural discoveries were adapted for use and benefit in the vineyard, resulting in spectacular outcomes in agriculture. Especially in those plants over a century old, they managed to obtain grapes with unique characteristics that are now UNPARALLELED IN THE WORLD.

Subsequently, these methods were adapted for application in the winery to produce the BEST WINE IN THE WORLD.

Wine quantities are kept to a minimum to achieve and maintain the highest quality exclusively.

The bottle design is, therefore, an exclusive element that showcases the commitment to Quality, Authenticity, and Exclusivity through the raised signature of Mr. Hilario García.


The golden fish jewel symbolizes love, prosperity, and abundance, and it is composed of silver and gold metals according to the series.

This jewel is meant to be shared during a memorable event, as, just like the bottle, it is numbered. Both parts of the golden fish also bear the same number as the bottle.

Each jewel is handcrafted by the prestigious jewelers of Vanagloria, certifying the authenticity of the jewel.


The signature is original to Mr. Hilario García.

It is crafted by the same prestigious jewelers who create the brooches.

Each signature is gold-plated and, as it is removable, it becomes a collectible item.


Natural cork stoppers ensure the wine’s seal inside the bottle. This prolonged isolation promotes the wine’s maturation and proper aging over time.

This gradual evolution of bottled wine occurs in an environment with very low oxygen content, but just enough to allow the wine to evolve correctly.

So far, only natural cork stoppers achieve this perfect balance, allowing for the proper evolution of the wine and the development of the highly prized bouquet.

The tight seal provided by the natural cork stopper is not only essential for high-quality wines. With a natural cork stopper, it is possible to ensure excellent wine preservation without interfering with the harmony of its components, giving the wine a mark of quality.


New brand patents are registered with which, from this date, the intention is to operate in all global markets. Exclusive patents are being secured.

Traditional methods in processing are maintained, and quality is enhanced with new discoveries and advancements.

In 2009, AurumRed, as a new brand, begins its high-quality productions and embarks on the new era of wines.


YEAR 2009

On the nose, black fruit (blackcurrant) is clearly present along with hints of graphite, toasty aromas, toffee, coffee, and fine, well-integrated wood.

On the palate, it is full-bodied, with fleshy tannins that are quite pronounced at the beginning. Within a few minutes, the wine becomes more balanced and expresses itself much better.

It is the ideal companion for delicate meat dishes, such as roasted duck with cooked cherries.


Viñas de mas de 125 años


100% Indigenous Tempranillo from vines over 100 years old.


A maximum of 300 bottles per year. After many years of aging, when the wine is at its peak expression, only 150 bottles are sold, and the rest are stored in the cellar indefinitely.


Turning to the right, you will perceive fig bread, fig overripeness, spicy notes, a linear aroma, and ripe dried fruit.
Turning to the left, you will notice more finesse, subtler aromas, more cassis notes, toasty, cocoa, ripe small fruits, blueberries. More elegant and less alcoholic aromas.


Turning to the right, you’ll experience more astringency, a riper taste, broader and less lengthy. Turning to the left, you’ll get a longer than wider taste, more tannins, fresh, and spicy. This demonstrates the diversity of disparate aromas and flavors by swirling the wine in the glass in one direction or the other. Both. Aroma and flavor create a magical and enveloping moment of unique enjoyment.


Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon.
Year 2009.


A maximum of 6,000 bottles per year. After many years of aging and bottling, the wine is at its peak expression (minimum 10 years).


Swirling the glass to the right (clockwise) will allow you to perceive fig bread, fig overripeness, spicy notes, a linear aroma, and ripe dried fruit. Swirling the glass to the left, you will notice more finesse, more toasty aromas, cocoa, ripe small fruits, cassis, blueberries. More elegant and less alcoholic aromas.


Swirling the glass to the right will result in more astringency, more ripeness, less length. Swirling the glass to the left will result in more length, more tannin, more freshness, and spiciness.


This winery was established in the 20th century, but the origin of the vines and tradition dates back more than 150 years.

For generations, our ancestors worked in the vineyards since Roman times.

AurumRed is the result of the collective knowledge acquired over centuries in vineyard work.




AurumRed is not like other wines; it stands out from the rest because it is the only one that incorporates several inventions that do not exist in any other.

All wines can be distinguished as better or worse. Each wine attempts to set itself apart based on the terroir or the specialist who works on its different phases.

AurumRed does not aim to distinguish itself from the others based on the same concepts; it is a different world from what is known about wines so far.

Two examples:

FIRST – It is the ONLY wine in the world that, once uncorked, does not turn into vinegar after months or even years. This can be tested by opening a bottle of any red wine, drinking what is convenient, and leaving the rest in the bottle with the cork slightly inserted to prevent dirt from entering.

SECOND – AurumRed, in its white wine and more pronounced in the reds, is the ONLY wine in the world that, when you swirl the glass to the right, will have different aromas and flavors than when swirled to the left. The aromas and flavors recommended while swirling clockwise.

These two characteristics are unique inventions that resulted from extensive research and effort. Both, and many more, are the essence of AurumRed, a unique wine for very special people.

The fundamental characteristic that was aimed for was ELEGANCE; the bottle should be elegant, and so should the wine. This feature is the goal to achieve, and for that, the work starts from the very soil and plants that embody that concept.


AurumRed and its energy charges are one of the many unique innovations in the world of wine. The various energies, some of which are difficult to explain, play a significant role in this wine. Hence, simply swirling the wine in the glass in one way or another results in different complexities that have been introduced from the very soil.

One of the many dynamic and complex processes is swirling. The movements of energization are the outcome of a complex phenomenon that shapes a result.



Swirling clockwise, you can perceive fig bread. Aromas of fig. Spicy notes. Linear aroma. Ripe dried fruit.

Swirling counterclockwise, you will notice more finesse, subtler aromas. More cassis notes, toasty, cocoa, ripe small fruits, cassis, blueberries. More elegant. Less alcoholic.


Turning to the right will give you more astringency. More ripeness. Wider. Less lengthy.

Swirling to the left will result in more length than width. More tannic but fresh. More spicy. This showcases the diversity of different fragrances and flavors by swirling the wine in the glass in one direction or the other.