100% Native Tempranillo from vines over 100 years old.


A maximum of 300 bottles per year. After many years of aging, when the wine is at its peak, only 150 bottles are sold, and the rest are stored in the cellar indefinitely.


When swirling to the right, you can perceive fig bread, aromas of fig, overripeness, spicy notes, a linear aroma, and ripe dried fruit. When swirling to the left, you will notice more finesse, subtler aromas, more cassis notes, toasty, cocoa, ripe small fruits, blueberries. These are more elegant and less alcoholic aromas.


Swirling to the right will give you more astringency, a riper taste, a wider palate, and a shorter finish. Swirling to the left will result in a longer finish than width, more tannin, freshness, and spiciness. This demonstrates the diversity of contrasting aromas and flavors when swirling the wine in the glass in one direction or the other. Both aroma and taste create a magical and enveloping moment of unique enjoyment.